Term and session costs

Pay in advance
One term (average 12 weeks of 30 min classes) will normally cost £66*.This equates to £5.50 per lesson. Some terms may be longer (up to 14 weeks) or shorter so the fee may vary from term to term.

*If you join part way through a term your fees will be calculated based on how many lessons there are left in the term.


Pay per lesson

I would encourage you to attend as regularly as possible in order for you and your child to gain the most from the classes. I plan and structure the classes with an overall progression in mind which is appropriate to the age of the children present. However, if regular attendance really becomes impossible I am happy to offer a price per lesson of £6.50


I am very happy to offer a 20% discount off the 'pay in advance' fee for twins. 

Payment Methods

  1. Online Bank Transfer

  2. Paym

  3. Cash

  4. Paypal