Class Downloads

These are recordings of the live Zoom classes. You will only see me on screen but you will hear me interacting with the children in the class. 

Simply click on the picture of the class you wish to view, purchase for £3 (remembering to enter your email address) and receive a link to stream and/or download the class to your own device. Links will be sent as soon as possible bearing in mind I need to do that bit manually.

6th July 2020

0-2s Class

Featuring Cowboy Joe,  a little spider, scarves, the Waltz of the Flowers , and some gentle piano.

29th June 2020

0-2s Class

Featuring Wonky Donkey, 5 little monkeys, scarves and Cowboy Joe plus my guitar.

22nd June 2020

0-2s Class

Featuring I saw Esau, Harry Hare, the Mexican Hat Dance and my guitar.

15th June 2020

0-2s Class

Featuring Apple Tree, Harry Hare, chocolate cake and a relaxing saxophone.

8th June 2020

0-2s Class

Featuring the Lonely Frog, row row row your boat and some jazzy sea creatures


Featuring Ram Sam Sam, 5 little peas, Cowboy Joe, 2 fat sausages, bananas bananas, the Mexican Hat Dance and some relaxing piano.

8th July 2020

2-4s Class


Featuring Cowboy Joe, 2 fat sausages, peel banana, and some relaxing guitar.

29th June 2020

2-4s Class


Featuring Harry Hare, wooden spoons, 5 little monkeys and a crocodile.

24th June 2020

2-4s Class


Featuring Harry Hare, chocolate cake, and my saxophone.

17th June 2020

2-4s Class


Featuring the lonely frog, bananas bananas, some jazzy sea creatures and some relaxing piano.

10th June 2020

2-4s Class

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